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family men. while they were democrats and republicans, they were not the kind of guys to drive foreign cars, go to foreign movies, or watch public television. that is the culture i've got to figure justice scalia sees things through when he talks about same-sex marriage and gay people. it's when he talks about the constitution, when he talks about the law, talks about base human freedom that he crosses into troubling territory. why? because the culture he came up in and it's not everybody's. nor is it required to be everybody's. he sees through those eyes that it adheres to his own culture. in a soit that values liberty and equality you should the law. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. thanks, chris. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, breaking news. republican power grab in michigan.
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republican governor rick snyder has just signed bills designed to cripple unions. and take away workers' rights even though earlier this year he said such a move would be quote, divisive and inappropriate. snyder signed the bills despite protests from more than 10,000 people who descended on the state capitol in a massive push back against this shameless power play from the republicans. >> right the work is wrong! right the work is wrong! >> he lied to us. he lied to us on numerous occasions. >> veto! veto! >> kill the bill! kill the bill! >> the protests were passionate and grew tense. in this video from the state's aclu, you can see police actually using pepper spray on some of the demonstrators.
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the issue in michigan is the republican legislature ramming through a so-called right to work bill. with no warning and no hearings. but the fight is bigger than michigan. it's a fight about worker rights and civil rights across the country. this country, the american people, rejected this kind of extremism on election day. but republicans didn't get the message. gop lawmakers ignored the outcry in the halls of the capitol to pass two bills they hope will devastate both public and private sector unions. >> they have been shut out completely. the people have been shut out of this discussion. >> it has been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. and this is absolute evidence. >> so what this is is a victory for people like dick de voss,
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mitt romney, the koch brothers, and other corporate ceos who believe the path to prosperity in michigan is paved with lower wages and lower benefits. >> this is a stunning slap in the face for unions in michigan. the birthplace of the modern labor movement. in 1936 autoworkers in flint, michigan, staged a sit-down demanding their rights. it lasted 44 days and they won. general motors recognized the united auto workers for the first time. and in 1965, michigan's republican governor george romney worked with unions to sign historical bills recognizing the right to collective bargaining. nearly 50 years later, the gop is trying to undo all that progress. a massive power grab by a republican party that just lost an election.
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this didn't just happen out of the blue. we're learning this has been orchestrated by far right conservatives who have made threats against politicians and literally bullied their way into getting what they wanted. >> dick devos and extreme right wing control what's going on in the state. and the koch brothers, americans for prosperity all pushing for the legislation, threatening the governor, threatening different representatives. they were threatened that they would have a primary challenge from the tea party. >> threats, intimidation. on democratic moves. right now michigan is the center of the right wing attack on workers rights and we must fight it. joining me now is democratic congressman from michigan gary peters. he met with governor snyder yesterday. and from lansing, michigan,
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state senator gretchen witmer, and the reverend charles williams. president of the michigan chapter of the national action network and senior pastor of the historic king solomon baptist church in detroit. thank you, all three for joining me tonight. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. >> congressman peters, let me start with you. the governor snyder has signed this bill. now, what's the next step? >> this is absolutely outrageous. what we've seen in the last hours. compete about face from a governor who said this should not be part of the agenda. and to do this without any hearings. then what i think is particularly outrageous. the next step is we could have gone to a referendum. put it on the ballot for the voters to make a decision. particularly in a state like
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michigan which has been the center of the labor movement from the very beginning. instead they did a very tricky maneuv maneuver. they put a small appropriation on that bill. you can't go to a referendum. we have democrats that would be joining the state house. they weren't going to pass it in the new legislature, so they jammed it through here and put something in to make it difficult to have a referendum. it is certainly not over. this is going to be a contentious issue going forward. >> can this be overturned? can he be recall snd. >> he could. you could see a move to recall him. you could also see a initiative. there are a number of options. but i think one thing is very clear. particularly with the demonstrations we saw in lanzing here today is that folks aren't going to let this slide by. they're going to be aggressive. they're going to be out there and letting all of those
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legislators who voted for this know that this is a despicable action. it is a reckless action that is going to harm working class families in the state of michigan. >> senator witmer, you've been out there today. let me show you this. governor snyder today said this. let me let you listen to this and respond. >> i ask them not to go forward. the reason i said is you're going to start a divisive discussion regarding collective bargaining first. then this right to work discussion continued to escalate and was becoming divisive. i viewed it as on the table. it's a hot issue. let's show some leadership. i stepped up to say when i review it, i think it's a good thing. >> now, senator, the governor is saying here because there's a referendum on the ballot, that he told them not to do it. it's almost like he's blaming labor for what they did in a
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lame duck session with no hearings? >> exactly. give me a break. this governor just last week when he announced this about face said that this was good public policy. now he's admitting that this is about political retribution. this is anti-worker, anti-family, anti-woman. and they're doing it in the most anti-american way. it is absolutely repulsive this governor is such a coward he had to announce it from behind locked doors, lock people out of the capitol, now he's signed it behind a wall of armed police officers. you know why he's doing that? because he knows the public disagrees on this one and he is dead wrong. >> behind a wall of police officers. reverend williams, you and other civil rights groups up there today, what was it look up there? >> well, first of all reverend sharpton, let me thank you for your leadership around this issue in terms of bringing the national civil rights table together. we here in michigan national
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action network, we're on the front lines of this issue simply because it's not just about the folks in unions but the folks on the outside of unions. so we're going to fight this to the very end. and we're going to not let governor snyder get any rest until we return the working people back their rights that they had before governor snyder signed this. >> the gop's war on workers, we hear the language very similar to alec when we see michigan's proposed right to work billing mirror the word for word the detroit free press says. we know there's koch brother moneys. do you expect people around the country now to rally in michigan to possibly deal with a recall? or whatever options are available that congressman peters referred to? >> i think so. i think we've got to hold these
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guys accountable. this guy won't answer my phone call. he'll ignore 13,000 people at the capitol this morning. but you know whose call he will answer? the koch brothers. and that's wrong. maybe we lost this today, but this fight is not over. >> congressman peters -- congressman peters, explain to the people watching around the country what happened. a lot of people just can't understand how this could have happened so quickly. i mean, like, overnight. the blinking of an eye. all of a sudden you see bill passed the state senate, bill passed the house, governor signs it. i mean, before we understood what was going on. >> it is -- it's hard to explain. and it is particularly hard to explain because we have a governor who repeatedly said this was not on his agenda. this would be divisive for our state. he continually said that for a
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couple years. and immediately after the election had a really sharp about face and just jammed it through without any hearings or public input. i was able to meet with him and other members of the congressional delegation. he sat and listened to us but barely responded. when he did, i was amazed at the lack of understanding he has about this issue. it is hard to explain. it is something the people in the state of michigan will have to wonder how a governor could do this. how a state legislature could do this. that's why we need to not give up this fight. and push back. >> is he a puppet of the koch brothers, of the amway fortune? is he just working for other interests? >> could be. that's an interesting thing about it. that we saw as he announced this there was a $2 million ad buy financed by outside groups with these tv ads. this was an orchestrated attempt
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to do this. it was planned well in advance. they sprung it quickly before anybody could really react. >> reverend williams, does this effect people in your church? people that attend? regular people? this is more than just union bosses. how does this affect ordinary average people in michigan? >> well, reverend sharpton, right to work means no rights at work. and so we unequivocally understand that these laws are only to break and bust collective bargaining agreements. we understand that is only going to make it so the wages are lower. and as you know and as the statistics show and have shown throughout the years is that seven out of the ten states that are right to work states are the poorest states in the country. this is absolutely ludicrous. and when you talk about the koch brothers and you talk about all of the right wing alignments, this is the same governor that when we fought against him to
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not sign voter suppression laws, he decided not to sign it. so i believe we can change his mind. but it's going to take fighting. if he don't return senator witmer's calls, we'll have to make house calls. >> all right. we'll be staying on this story. thanks so much for your time tonight. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. the michigan power grab you may not know about. an attack on women's rights is happening now in michigan. and it must be stopped. republicans lost in translation. congressman allen west says he lost because the democrats cheated. yeah, well, you lost. and no santa for you this year. and scalia versus beck. winner take all. the fight that even has the gop afraid. anyone got any popcorn? stick around for that.
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"politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. today the "politicsnation" community was focused on workers fighting back against the republican power grab in michigan. dennis says i'm mad and i'm not even from michigan. these republicans need to stop these stealth attacks on labor. donna says ohio is with you, michigan. don't stop the fighting. agness says i hope this is a wakeup call to those who continue to elect republicans on the state level, because they pass eed devastating bills to
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workers rights, voters rights, and women's rights. they're pushing anti-choice bills right now. it's a big story. and it's coming up next. but first, we want to hear what you think of this issue. or any other. please head over to facebook and search "politicsnation" and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ [ male announcer ] shift the balance of power decisively in your favor. the exclusive eight-speed transmission and rotary shifter in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth.
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>> republicans in michigan aren't just going after workers' rights. women's rights are in their sights as well. the power grab that has thrown the state into crisis includes an effort to sneak through some of the most restrictive anti-choice bills in the country. one bill that's already passed and is headed to governor rick snyder's desk would ban insurance plans from covering abortions unless people actively opted in. other bills would force some clinics to close their doors, limit abortion access for women in rural areas, and allow doctors to refuse to perform abortions because of personal beliefs. and it's not just michigan. immediately following the big gop defeat in this election, republican lawmakers all over the country got right back to what they do best. trying to pass anti-choice legislation. in ohio, lawmakers reintroduced
3:20 pm
a controversial heart beat bill that would ban abortions as early as six weeks. in texas anti-abortion groups are pushing lawmakers to pass a fetal pain bill. and republicans want to ban abortion at least 20 weeks. republicans here hope we don't notice what they're doing. but that is not going to happen. joining me now is nancy keenan, president of pro-choice america and michigan state representative lisa brown. this summer she made national headlines for speaking out against the gop bills attacking women's rights. thank you both for being with me tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> let me start with you -- >> thank you. >> let me start with you, senator brown. michigan and abortion providers, 83% of michigan counties have no abortion providers.
3:21 pm
this is unthinkable in many places. >> yeah. michigan, you know, is a very diverse state. we have many rural areas. the legislation that the republicans are trying to push through makes it even harder for women to have access to health care. when we close clinics, we're not just talking about abortion services. you're talking about preventive health care services like cervical screenings and pap smears and things like that. preventive health care. it's unbelievable the restrictive legislation that is trying to be pushed forth. it's in lame duck. we saw what happened in the elections, and they said the clock is ticking on the amount of time that we have control. we've got to do this while we can. the war on women continues. >> now, so we've heard about labor. but what is happening with women? because i'm looking at one of the bills -- the amendments that the republicans are proposing there would allow people to claim a fetus over 12 weeks old
3:22 pm
as a dependent and receive an estimated $160 tax break. but just last year they eliminated a $600 per child tax credit deduction and slashed earned tax income credit for children. which sent 9,000 michigan children into poverty. >> yep. yeah, that's right. that's right, reverend. you know, this is another way to define personhood. the sponsor of the bill said that wasn't her intention. of course it is. how can it not be? and sure enough, she did vote to cut that tax credit for children who are actually on our planet. you know, breathing and eating. this legislation is offensive. it's -- again, it's -- you know, it's this right to life agenda that does nothing to move michigan forward. and it is the right to life agenda just being pushed forth.
3:23 pm
>> nancy, you're a -- >> and you see the hypocrisy. >> you're a warrior all over the country on these issues. you cut money for children that are born and growing. and then you use -- you almost manipulate using fetuses to make a point against women's right to choose. and all over the country it seems that the gop is focusing on a state level. 24 state legislators are completely controlled by republicans. and these laws are popping up or these proposed laws and amendments are popping up all over the country like the election never happened. >> that's right. i don't think they got the memo, reverend. the fact of the matter is this flies in the face of what americans value. that is freedom, privacy, right to health care in the country. and through under the cover of darkness while there was a
3:24 pm
debate going on around right to work, passed some anti-choice legislation that will deny insurance coverage even in the case of rape and incest for women who want to access that care. keep in mind vast majority of insurance companies, this is how they do business. it's covered right now. this takes it away. >> even in the case of rape and incest. >> that's right. it is so extreme, even in the case of rape and incest which is unbelievable. the war on women does continue. and fundamentally elections matter. elections matter. now, we elected a pro-choice president in barack obama. we've defeated some anti-choice members in congress, but state legislatures and governors are critical. we see them denying access to women all over this country. >> nancy, when you look at the fact 45 states have introduced 472 measures restricting women's right to choose this year alone. do you see the michigan move as
3:25 pm
a labor and women at the same time women not being talked about as much as you say in the cover of darkness they're trying to move this anti-woman, this war on women move again like the election didn't happen state by state and if they can do it quietly, that's even better? >> that's exactly what they do. i mean, they are stealth about this. if they walked up to your door and said i'm running for the state legislature and i am pro-life and i'm going to deny women access to care in this country. they hide behind it. we're going to do agenda, jobs, the state. it's like a bait and switch. they get there and the first thing they do is attack a woman's right to her reproductive health. >> lisa, what is going to happen from here? what is the future in michigan? how do we fight back in michigan? >> well, we continue to fight, reverend. and, you know, we had
3:26 pm
demonstrators, we had thousands of people here on the capitol steps today fighting against right to work. we had women here demanding that they have the right to privacy, the right to choose. and that's what we need to continue to do. we are a democracy. and a democracy is a government based on representation. we have elected officials here who are not representing the people that elected them. and that's a real problem. we need to hold them accountable. we didn't take up the bills today in the house, but i have a feeling we're going to be taking up some of these bills tomorrow. and we need to be very vocal, and as i said we need to hold people accountable. these representatives just as you heard, they're not going around saying this is my agenda. it's i believe in small government. well, you know, telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her body is not small government. they talk about jobs. this house bill 5711 would actually result in a loss of jobs because clinics would close. and women would have nowhere to go for health care.
3:27 pm
you know, everything that republicans can say they're against, big government, privacy, all those things is the exact opposite that's in this legislation. >> nancy keenan and lisa brown, i'm going to have to hold it there. but we're certainly going to keep on top of this and watch this to fight to expose their agenda. ahead, the gop has no problem with tax breaks for the rich and money for big oil. but aid for those hit hardest by hurricane sandy? that's where they draw the line.
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i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics. first the gop lost the election, and now they're just losing it. here is don't let the door hit you on the way out congressman allen west. >> do you have a further public service in mind potentially? >> well, the most important thing everyone has to understand is that my voice is not going to be lost. i'm a warrior and i'm a stassman and i'm a servant of this
3:35 pm
republic. i'm not going oi way just because of a race where he seems to have to cheat to beat me. >> he spent $18 million and all he got was an i didn't win t-shirt. the truth is the gop has offered a million reasons for why they lost. it was urban areas, the skewed polls, the wrong tone. but here's a hint. it's their policies. here's a republican consultant admitting that voter i.d. laws should be used to help the gop win elections. >> a lot of us are campaign officials or campaign professionals and we want to do everything we can do help our side and sometimes we think that's voter i.d. sometimes we think that's longer lines, whatever it may be. >> forget about running on a message. some in the gop are looking to cheat their way to victim pi. -- victory. and then there's senator jeff sessions. he says forget cutting subsidies
3:36 pm
to big oil or business. he'd support legislation to cut food stamps. >> why not cut something else? there are other things that could be on the table before you pick a program that is feeding the nation's poor children. >> i'm not picking a program. i'd say all programs need to be examined in this government. this government is wasting money every day. >> feeding the nation's poor children. well, that's wasting money, apparently. and according to to new jersey congressman scott garrett, so is disaster money for hurricane sandy. >> new jersey doesn't get that even if it's wasteful. really going to be hurt. >> so one person's stimulus is another person's wasteful spending. >> helping his own constituents recover from a devastating hurricane is wasteful? the gop might be at a loss for why they're down and out, but i
3:37 pm
don't think anyone is. joining me now is richard wolffe vice president and executive editor of the and cynthia tucker, pulitzer prize columnist and visiting professor of journalism at the university of georgia. thank you for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> you're welcome. good to be here. >> richard, let me start with you. how can the gop plan to appeal to mainstream voters when they no longer seem to care about them? >> you know, caring isn't just about making people feel good. one of the interesting things for conservatives on the other side of the atlantic in the uk where they're out of power for a long time was that they realized they couldn't be the mean party anymore. and the danger for republicans as heart felt as it may be for them to worry about deficits and the survival of this country's economy and the federal government, as meaningful as that is for them, if they're only the party of cuts then they
3:38 pm
do not speak to the aspirations of the people they want to vote for them. that's why they pull the stunt bs about voter i.d. and anything else. they are deeply offensive and against everything this country stands for in terms of democratic rights. but they actually need to move beyond an agenda of looking tough and sounding tough and frankly heartless to many people who richly deserve and need the help of the federal government. >> now, cynthia, gop consultant mike murphy who in "time" magazine and i'm quoting from what he wrote, the republican brand is dying. we repel latinos, the fastest-growing voter group in the country and our nativist opposition to immigration reform that offers a path to citizenship. we repel younger voters who are much more secular than their parents with our opposition of same-sex marriage and our scolding tone on social issues. and we have lost much of our
3:39 pm
once-solid connection to the middle class on kitchen table economic issues. that's a devastating analysis from a gop consultant, cynthia. >> and quite true. i mean, murphy was right on every point that he hit. but that message isn't getting through to most leading republicans in office now. many of them simply haven't gotten the message. they still want to bash obama supporters as griftors and moochers. and people accepting gifts. they seem willing even now to die on this hill of defending tax cuts for the rich. it's just absolutely inconceivable. and even those who understand that the party needs to change
3:40 pm
its tone are just talking about a different wrapping. marco rubio talks about basically saying the same things in spanish. saying the same things a bit more nicely. but they're not talking about changing their policies. they still don't have any policies, reverend al, which speak to the needs and aspirations of ordinary americans. >> now, richard, when you look at glenn beck. part of the gop's problem is the split between the extreme and the mainstream. here's beck railing against republicans today. listen to this. >> i'm really sick of these republicans who are just progressive republicans who try to talk down to everybody and tell us how smart they are and how everybody else is just so stupid. i don't speak for the republicans. i don't want to speak for the republicans. i speak for me.
3:41 pm
i tell you how i feel. i don't want to speak for the republicans. i wish the republicans would stop speaking. >> are far right voice it is like this the problem? >> yeah, i don't know what progressive republicans he can identify. i'd be interested to line them up in a room. it'd be a lonely party. okay, yes. glenn beck was one of the leading voices in that whole tea party movement. there's a reason why he's no longer on another cable news channel. because he was even too extreme for them. if he has helped take the republican party to this position, then he's helped them be delusional. he thought that would help them winning. take them back to the white house. there are smart people in the republican party who recognize that has been a fool's errand. that that has not taken them closer to power. yes, they've got the house.
3:42 pm
but if that's the limit. if that's the high water mark, then this cycle is going to turn again and turn badly for them. you know, glenn beck may run -- may lead the charge to some primary challenges. but he most definitely is not their future. >> cynthia, buzz feed has a piece on how to move beyond fox news and right wing media to reach people. it quotes republican strategist who says quote, fox is great, but those viewers already agree with us. how else are different demographics going to get to know you if you never reach out to them? does the gop have to reach beyond their e koe chamber? >> of course. that's why they were stunned when they lost. because in the echo chamber they were rejecting facts on fox news
3:43 pm
they were confidently projected mitt romney's victory and they were not open to any other opinions or any actual facts for that matter. so it's been disastrous for them. they've spent decades now, not just years, bashing the mainstream media as being biased against them. as being too liberal. as not actually talking about facts. and so it's going to be very difficult for them now to come back and reach out to mainstream media outlets. because this is what they have told themselves for decades. just like they've spend decades, by the way, bashing people of color. so it is very hard for them to get out of the habits they have spent decades forming. >> got to leave it there. richard wolffe and cynthia
3:44 pm
tucker, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks, reverend. coming up, justice scalia versus glenn beck. you won't believe who's actually taking the moderate position in this fight. plus what does this creature have in common with the president? stay tuned. that's next. it's a new day. if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count;
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that's right. "politicsnation" science geeks. and tonight we have a remarkable discovery to share with you. let's travel back 65 million years to the land of dinosaurs. ladies and gentlemen, meet obamadon. that's right. he's that small blue/green lizard down in the left-hand corner. scientists just today named him after the president. obamadon means obama's teeth in latin. and researchers say they think the lizard had a smile that resembled the president's. huh? not sure i see it. but anyway, just last week this species of fresh water fish was named for the president obama too. amazing. but perhaps we should take a closer look at those creatures
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republicans are still having a hard time catching up to the changing face of america. and you see that playing out with their struggle over gay rights. support for marriage equality is on the rise. up 13% over the past four years alone. but republicans aren't getting
3:50 pm
the message. supreme court justice antonin scalia was asked to explain his published comparisons between sodomy and things like bestiality and murder. justice scalia answered quote, if we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder? can we have it against other things? i don't think it's necessary, but i think it's effective. it's effective to compare feelings about homosexuality to murder? that's the moral lesson from a man responsible for upholding the constitution? but not all conservatives are on the same page as scalia. here's what glenn beck had to say about it. >> let me take the pro-gay marriage people and the religious people. i believe there happens to be a connecting dot there that nobody's looking at, and that is
3:51 pm
the constitution. the question is not whether gay people should be married or not. the question is why is the government involved in our marriage? >> suddenly glenn beck is the voice of reason in this gop? it looks like republicans have a big problem. joining me now is abi huntsman host of huff post live. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> what is your reaction to justice scalia's comments? >> you know, it's really not all that surprising. i'm sure you remember the lawrence versus texas case when he was the only justice on the bench that held the position that banning sodomy was unconstitutional. that being said it's clearly not all that surprising. the bigger picture here is really talking about equal rights for gays and gay marriage in the 21st century. frankly the republican party is
3:52 pm
on the wrong side of history on this one. strangely i actually think that glenn beck makes a good point. ken melman who used to be the chairman of the rnc, he wrote for the op-ed journal making the point that, in fact, conservatives do not need to lose their core convictions in order to embrace gay marriage. what's more conservative than less government and more freedoms for americans? so it's strange to think that the republicans, in fact, should be leading on this issue. but the problem is they're not. and if you look at recent polls, i saw one recently also in the "wall street journal" that showed young adults between 18 to 29, 62% -- >> 63%. >> up from 45% ten years ago. that's an indication where the country is moving. >> i'm looking at the polls. let me show you this. not only are they on the wrong side of history, they're on the wrong side of public opinion.
3:53 pm
65% of democrats support same-sex marriage in a recent quinnipiac poll. 49% of independents. republicans only 23%. 73% of republicans say they oppose same-sex marriage. when you look at the poll you referred to, 18 to 29-year-olds 63%. so there's a generational gap here. and a gap between most of the public and the republicans. >> there's absolutely a generational gap. i'm the first to say that. republicans need to embrace this issue or they're not going to win moving forward. but going back to president lincoln, republicans have always stood strong on liberties. they should focus on parts of the party that made them strong. and that's fiscally responsible and strong national security. as it relates to civil
3:54 pm
liberties, let the institutions decide whether or not they believe in gay marriage. let's let the states decide. we're seeing more and more states are moving in support of gay marriage. >> now, you know this personally because your father was one that supported lgbt community. and he's on record for supporting civil unions. he said quote, i think there's such a thing as equality under the law on marriage. i'm a traditionalist. i think that ought to be saved for one man and one woman, but i believe that civil unions are fair and brings a level of the dignity to relationships. and i believe in reciprocal beneficiary rights. i think they should be part of civil unions as well. conservatives attacked him for this. how do you respond? >> he was one of the first republicans to come out and say that. the funny thing about that, reverend, is he was governor of utah, the most conservative state in the country.
3:55 pm
and he was re-elected with 80% of the vote. so i go back to just because you support gay marriage does not mean you're sacrificing the core conservative principles the party stands on. i think my dad was one of the first to come out, but i believe it will take people like my dad willing to take a stand and say i support gay marriage or civil unions. doesn't mean i'm not a republican. doesn't mean i'm not conservative anymore. it's going to take individuals like that to move the party in the right direction. >> abby huntsman, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. the battle in michigan isn't just about workers' rights, it's about civil rights as well. and it's starting a nationwide fight. that's next. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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stronger statements against anti-union laws that i've ever seen. quote, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as right to work. it is a law that robs us of our civil rights and job rights. its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining. who said this? the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. way back in 1961. dr. king was an important vote for workers rights as well as civil rights. the reason he was in memphis when he was assassinated was to support striking sanitation workers. the truth is workers' rights are civil rights. we have to fight to protect them both. in about a month this nation will pause to celebration dr. king's birthday. i'm sure governors that are signing these right to work laws and legislators tha
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